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Get Involved - Header
Get Involved - Huddles

1. Adopt-A-Coach or Coach family (prayer, encouragement, service)
2. Sponsor a coach/coach family to camp or weekend retreat (partial scholarship)
3. Lead a coaches Bible study on a campus or at a community sports venue
4. Lead a coach or coach & spouse Bible study at your church
5. Disciple/mentor a coach
6. Help provide and/or serve Coaches Families’ pre-game dinner

1. Adopt-A-Campus (prayer, resources, encouragement, food for huddles/teams)
2. Enlist others to Adopt-A-Campus
3. Assist a Huddle Coach (attend meetings & events, run errands, help with activities, encourage, pray)
4. Serve a team as their Character Coach (team chaplain)
5. Lead a Team Bible study
6. Lead a Bible study for Athletes (co-ed or female or male)
7. Follow up salvation decisions
8. Provide Team Pre-game & travel meals & snacks
9. Host/help end of season team banquet

1. Help start an FCA huddle with a local recreation league or team
2. Serve as a Character Coach (team chaplain)
3. Lead a Team Bible study
4. Lead an Athletes Bible study (co-ed or female or male)
5. Adopt-A-Team (prayer, encouragement, service, resources, food)
6. Follow up salvation decisions

Get Involved - Events

Camps & Clinics
1. Sponsor an athlete to FCA Summer Camp, retreat or clinic (partial scholarship)
2. Sponsor a team to FCA Team Camp (partial scholarship)
3. Volunteer at a Power Camp (8-12 year olds)
4. Volunteer at a Team Camp (basketball)
5. Volunteer as a Huddle Leader at FCA Summer Camp (college student or recent college grad)
6. Help advertise camps and clinics

Volunteer Roles at Camps & Clinics
1. Administration/registration
2. Athletic trainer, doctor, nurse
3. Gym coordinator (keep games on schedule, sign in referees, etc)
4. Set up, errands, clean up, hydration, meals, general supervision
5. Prayer
6. Counseling, follow-up

Leadership Training
1. Help with set up, registration, food, competition, program, clean up
2. Provide food (lunch)
3. Provide snacks

Golf Tournament
1. Serve on planning committee
2. Help with preparations, advertisement, registration, follow up
3. Be a Team/Tee Sponsor & enlist other Table Sponsors

Fields of Faith
1. Serve on planning committee
2. Help with preparations & advertisement
3. Volunteer during the event: registration, set up, technology, clean up
4. Be a Financial Sponsor

Fundraising Banquet
1. Serve on planning committee
2. Help with preparations, advertisement, decorations, registration, follow up
3. Technology - put together a Power Point/video of the year using video, pictures, music
4. Be a Table Sponsor & enlist other Table Sponsors

Get Involved - Other

1. Help with technology & social media – videos, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
2. Join our email updates and mailing list to stay up - to date with FCA happenings
3. Attend an FCA Overseas Mission trip
4. Host an FCA event at your church

Financial Support
1. Be a monthly financial partner to support the overall ministry
2. Be a sponsor for one or more events
3. Encourage your church to support FCA as a missions ministry
4. Donate funds for Bibles, Bible study books, devotionals and other resources
5. Donate stock, jewelry, vehicle or boat
6. Include FCA in your estate planning/will