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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Coach's Ministry

FCA ministers to coaches in several ways:

  • Bible studies for coaches
  • Staff contacts for coaches
  • Prayer support
  • Resources
  • Coaches' Time Out Weekend Retreat
  • Coaches' Camp

           R12 Coach Discipleship for
        Coaches Based on Romans 12 includes more than 30 additional teaching videos from Living on the Edge Ministries teacher and former athlete/coach Chip Ingram.
     FCA designed r12 Coach as a guided pathway from a coach’s perspective based on Romans chapter 12. In Romans 12, the Apostle Paul begins outlining the personal and practical application of the doctrine he lays out in Romans chapters 1-8. Paul describes the Christian life in five categories:

  • Relationship with God
  • Relationship with the world
  • Relationship with ourselves
  • Relationship with others
  • Relationship with enemies

Each of these categories has a corresponding “S”, or response, that the Bible says is a sign of a mature and equipped follower of Jesus Christ. In the r12 online discipleship experience we look at each of these responses.

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Do you struggle in reaching the athletes you work with on a daily basis? Explore the three dimensions of coaching, from coaching simply the body to reaching the athlete’s heart.

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